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Deluxe 3 Bed Moving Pack 40 Boxes - FREE Delivery

Deluxe 3 Bed Moving Pack 40 Boxes - FREE Delivery

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Our 3 bedroom moving pack is great value and packed with high quality removal boxes. Ideal when you are moving and have a lot of things to move, wrap and protect. This pack includes: 25 x B1 Large boxes 450mm x 250mm x 300mm 18inches x 10inches x 12inches 5 x B6 Medium boxes 300mm x 241mm x 241mm 12inches x 9.5inches x 9.5inches 10 x B2 Extra large boxes 458mm x 458mm x 300mm 18inches x 18inches x 12inches 10m x 500mm Bubble wrap 50 Sheets of glass/china wrap paper 5 x Large size Medium duty sacks 2 x Packing tape 1 x Marker Pen Price includes FREE NEXT WORKING DAY DELIVERY

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